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Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl rings: Chiefs QB helps Logan Paul knock out Jey Uso on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’


Logan Paul knew he couldn’t arrive at WWE Monday Night Raw in Kansas City without hometown royalty.

Much to the crowd’s delight, Paul drove up to the event and greeted Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes before entering the building. Chiefs offensive linemen Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey joined Mahomes at the matches. Mahomes, of course, came wearing his three Super Bowl rings.

As with most things in the wrestling world, those rings just happened to come in handy during a match. Here’s how Paul utilized Mahomes’ jewelry to his advantage.

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Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl rings: Logan Paul borrows jewelry for ‘WWE Raw’ stunt

Paul said he didn’t plan on fighting during WWE Monday Night Raw. He showed up with popular streamer IShowSpeed to announce WWE Draft picks.

Later during the night, Paul spoke to the crowd about Damian Priest’s fight with Jey Uso at WWE Backlash on Saturday. He said Priest would win the fight before bad-mouthing Uso.

To the crowd’s surprise, Uso marched out to confront Paul in the ring, exciting Pat McAfee, who was commentating on the matches.

The two fighters dissed each other a few times before JD McDonagh and Finn Balor snuck into the ring behind Uso. The two Irish wrestlers took down Uso as Paul went to grab Mahomes’ Super Bowl rings to use as makeshift brass knuckles.

McDonagh held USO back for an easy knockout, but Uso ducked out of the way as Paul threw his punch. McDonagh went down, leaving Uso in a 1-on-2 with Paul and Balor. The duo made quick work of Uso with McDonagh on the ground.

Uso had brought backup of his own, however. Braun Strowman appeared out of the tunnel as Uso was knocked out, inciting fear in Paul and Balor. The 6-8, 386-pound wrestler furiously chased Paul as he ran away.

Strowman then confronted Mahomes, who had teammates Humphrey and Smith by his side.

“You better bring bigger boys next time,” Strowman said, as Uso told him to back off.

Patrick Mahomes PRIME endorsement deal

As Mahomes entered WWE Monday Night Raw, he rocked a PRIME chain, Paul’s hydration company that he co-owns with KSI.

Mahomes doesn’t have any ownership in the brand, but he did sign an endorsement deal in December 2023. The X post listed Mahomes as a two-time champ, but he has since won a third Super Bowl.

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