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Why NBA Twitter wanted TNT to remove heckling Pacers fan


In the NBA Playoffs, home-court advantage means everything.

NBA marketing teams will place team-colored t-shirts on every seat so the arena looks like a sea of support for the home squad. The energy in the building can be felt through the television and fans are louder than ever.

That was the case when the Pacers hosted the Bucks for Game 6 with a chance to win their first playoff series since 2014. One particular fan was louder than the 17,273 others at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, and his shouting was coming through clearly on the TNT broadcast.

The unidentified fan constantly heckled Milwaukee’s players every time they stepped to the free-throw line. It was like he had a calculated call sheet with specific chirps for each player.

NBA Twitter quickly became annoyed with the fan, and it made for great content as you followed along throughout the game.

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The Pacers fan had something to say to every Bucks player who stepped to the free-throw line. He didn’t appear to be yelling anything vulgar or inappropriate — just a few annoyingly consistent and subtle jabs.

For Damian Lillard, it was a reminder that his mom was watching. For Bobby Portis, it was that his eyes are slightly too big for his head. For Danilo Gallinari, it was that he needed a haircut.

Khris Middleton was the only player spared, and probably because he has been carrying the Bucks without their star duo of Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“Middleton! I respect your game but I hope you miss!” the fan shouted over and over again.

His voice started to fade by the second quarter, though. He could hardly be heard as the half came to a close. You could argue his impact was felt, as the Bucks went 13-for-17 (76.5 percent) from the free throw line in the first half.

Of course, the internet had a field day with the annoying fan.

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